Coast Guard House Historic Inn & Cottages
695 Arena Cove
Point Arena, California, 95468, United States
(707) 882-2442

Arena Cove Bluff Top Trail

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Leave the Coast Guard House far below and climb the hill to begin your cove and headlands tour.

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This hike joins the Point Arena Ranch hike which leaves from City Hall.  The hardy among you can leave from the Coast Guard House.

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Now travel through the eastern canyon. You are sure to see circling hawks.

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This structure is a one hundred year old springhouse. Turn left here and continue on the path until you reach the summit. 

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Some of us will get caught up playing near the springhouse. Those who do will get muddy paws.

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Once you reach the headlands you are on the Point Arena Ranch and will view the World War II watchtower which stands sentry over Arena Cove on the southern headlands.

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As you come out to the open headlands you will see the payoff view, Arena Cove and Arena Pier before you.

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If you look just to the left of your feet, you will see a steep drop directly into the ocean. Stay close to the inside, remember cliffs crumble.

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Tired and hot already? We are going all the way to The Point, see it over Winston's right shoulder?

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The Point is the very same one you see while sitting on the porch of the Coast Guard House.

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Look back and see how far you've come. This is a nice view of Arena Canyon with a peek of the Coast Guard House.

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This cute baby mound punctuates the south-western curve of Arena Cove. Take a good look on your way to The Point.

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You have reached The Point. Some days you can see cormorants clinging to the sides of these cliffs.

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Sleek black cormorants gone fishin'.

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How about a long distance view of the lighthouse?  From here you can continue on the trail that follows the coast for another two miles all the way to the lighthouse.

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A very private but rocky cove exists here. It is a portion of the California Coastal National Monument.  It is mesmerizing to watch the waves crash through the holes in the rocks.

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Sit down for a moment and savor the absolute solitude of this ocean vista.

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Head back or take the loop through the woods.

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In memory of our beloved Winston.