Bowling Ball Beach and Schooner Gulch Beach
Moat Creek Access - Mile Marker 12.88

At Moat Creek volunteers have installed a spectacular bluff top trail and a beach trial as well. This is the closest beach to the Coast Guard House and is always recommended to those who want a "quick hike before breakfast". The trail from the parking lot leads either up to the headlands or along Highway One. Each joins Bowling Ball Beach a mile and a half to the south.

Hands down, best tide pooling at low tide.

Schooner Gulch and Bowling Bowl Beach - Mile Marker 11.50

Look for a sign that says "PARK FACING SOUTH ONLY" and then do as it says. There are two trail heads here about a hundred feet from each other.

To the right is Bowling Ball Beach with a steep decline.  The last few stairs are washed out and what remains is more of a ladder than a staircase, but your efforts will be rewarded.

To the left at this pull out area is the trail leads to the beach along the babbling Schooner Gulch, through a dense forest. This is a very short hike, perhaps a quarter mile and once you arrive you will find a small south facing beach.

A lovely bluff top trial and a meadow trail join these two beaches.

Check out this natural wonder, but only at low tide!