Kinney Road - Main Access

Take the Kinney Road access from Highway One at mile marker 21.41 and follow the road as it makes a sharp turn to the right and park in the parking and picnic area.

There is a trail here, but you must follow it north for a few hundred yards before you can make your way down to the beach.  Brush Creek and a steep cliff prevent access directly from the parking lot.

Brush creek swells to a raging torrent in the winter as it fights to get to the ocean. During the summer there is no trace of this seasonal river.

Peak over the high dunes on this trail and you will see Brush Creek flowing to the sea. Continue on the trail and you will get down to the beach, or bear right and make your way through high sea grass and dunes. 

You will encounter the work of frustrated young architects who build driftwood castles only to have them reclaimed by the might Pacific.  



Spend some time at Manchester Beach, you will likely encounter very few people, but if you're lucky you will see sea lions playing in the surf and whales breaching just off shore.