Visit an African Wildlife Preserve

Just a five-minute drive from the Coast Guard House is B. Bryan Preserve. A tour of this 100- acre preserve is a rare opportunity and is highly recommended.


B Bryan Preserve was established in Point Arena by Dr. Frank and Judy Mello to aid in the conservation of rare and endangered animals, most notably, African Antelope, Zebra and Giraffes. Not a zoo, but a private preserve committed to the breeding and preservation of some wonderful, rare African Hoof Stock.


A tour at B. Bryan Preserve is designed to give the visitors and animals plenty of space to roam while allowing for close-up viewing. The property is particularly inviting at feeding time (5:30 pm in summer and 4:00 pm in Winter) for an up-close view of each species. Enjoy the power and dominance performance of the male antelope, the romping of newborns, the individual personalities of the zebras and the affability of the giraffes.


Tours cost $35.00 ($20.00 for children under 10) and are available by reservation only. To make a reservation, call (707) 882-2297